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tv   [untitled]    March 16, 2012 7:00pm-7:30pm PDT

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more loans to entities like renaissance who are connected with the redevelopment, you also need to offer assistance to other entities. one of the ways if you really want to find out about any entity, if they are very fair, is to do an audit. a simple audit on some of the entities that have been mentioned today, you'll find out that even if their employees cannot be working in those areas because of whatever. and the questions that were asked by the supervisor of wells fargo, even though he could
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offer you $5 billion, wells fargo was very instrumental in many foreclosures. [bell rings] so i am very dubious about bank of america and wells fargo giving monies for this, even if they give it at 0.5%, because they have not treated district 9, 10, and 11 in a fair manner. thank you very much. supervisor chu: thank you. next speaker. >> good afternoon. steve, president of the outer mission merchants and residents association. i am really excited about this, especially -- asleep preaching to the choir of course, but mission street, basically between silver and the daly city border has most of the businesses, small business owners. we do have wells fargo and bank of america.
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but most of our business owners or small-business owners. one of the things i brought this morning at the forum is than most of these people, not all, and most of these people do not speak english and will have a hard time speaking english or understanding english. and when they have either call me or i have reached out to them, they are afraid to look at these are virginity funds are getting these small interest loans. so i am glad that jennifer had put down in her talk about reaching out to people who have a hard time with the english language. doing brochures. and i am willing and excited to do this for them and for the neighborhood. our news letter as an outreach to let these people know that we want to help not only fix their awnings but clean up their storefronts. the other thing that i wanted to
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say is most of these business owners actually hire from within the community. [bell rings] i even know that walgreen's hires from within the community. so that is good for us in a good for the economics of the outer mission and the excelsior neighborhood. supervisor chu: thank you. >> hello, my name is a man well. i owned a small business in valencia and mission district. i tried to get a loan from the local banks. i cannot get it until they know about working solutions. i got loans from the city from working solutions. and we create eight employees. a believe that more people like me maybe just need a little help to create employees.
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all of my employees are from a mission, low-income. by the way, i get some loan from opportunity funds. i pay this money for working solutions. that is it. thank you. supervisor chu: thank you for your comments. >> no, some people might say, they might go -- ♪ >> don't want no small business don't want no small business around here they have got little budgets they will not give me money and they cannot go and hide don't want no small business around here ♪ >> but what i say is -- ♪ >> on a clear budget day
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ride these funds around the you because you can see forever and ever money more on a clear budget day ride these funds around you and you can see forever and ever money more ♪ >> thanks. supervisor chu: thank you. are there other comments from members of the public? seeing none, public comment is closed. ok, this item is before us. i did have my initial reservations at the first hearing about the ability to loan out the dollars, in particular given the track record of how many loans we had put out in the past and knowing also that there is a change in the wells fargo dollars that might allow it to be more popular.
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what i would like to do perhaps is to put half of the $1 million on reserve, pending the need for it. as the program is evolving, if we are actually seeing that the loans are being let out at a rate that would justify seeing the rest of the money, come back to the budget and finance committee. would that be problematic as a condition to that on to the item? >> no, that would not be a problematic condition. we could absolutely then come back to year. supervisor chu: i think that would be helpful. i think you can come in advance of when it it is expended completely. but when you're actually at a trajectory to spend it, you can come back. >> that sounds reasonable. thank you. supervisor avalos: that was one of my biggest concerns, being able to reach out to businesses were english was not the first language. a lot of the businesses that
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have been outreached average over it -- revolving loan funds. putting it on reserve makes sense to get the report back. also, maybe if we're not seeing evidence that businesses and the neighborhoods where trying to target are not reaching out or not applying for a loan, then we can look at the program and figure out what will really make that happen. i really want to see this program work in places like san bruno avenue, leland avenue, teravelle, excelsior. these are very important. let's see what happens. supervisor chu: thank you. if that is the case, can we entertain a motion to but $500,000 of this $1 million amount on budget and finance committee reserve and send the item forward with recommendations? ok, we do have that motion. before we make it, and to the
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department. i believe we will need to make an amendment to the actual piece of legislation for it to get hurt on tuesday at the following board meeting. i ask the department to work to make sure the language is put in by the end of today business day. we will do that without objection. thank you. then if we could take a two- minute break or a few minute break. thank you. supervisor chu: thank you for your patience. we're back in session. call item number 6 and 7. >> item number six, hearing to receive a regularly quarterly update from the public utilities commission on water system improvement program to include information on projects completed to date, the corresponding costs, and scheduling and the corresponding cost for upcoming projects.
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item seven, hearing to consider release of reserved funds for public utilities commission in the total amount of $42,329,458 to fund the following, water system improvement program projects, cuw388-02, had at reserve program, and if cuw395, tesla treatment facility. >> we have talked with the puc. >> good morning. julie, wsip director. i will be giving the presentation. mr. clerk, if you would not mind connecting the computer. i will try to keep my remarks brief, because i know you have a 1:00. i am here to give you a very brief update on where the program stands, as well as requesting the release of funds that were previously placed on reserve.
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here is the status of the program as of early february. we only have seven projects that have yet to reach construction, and two are currently in the bid and award phase, meaning they will be shortly into construction. we currently have a total of 20 projects worth of over $2.5 brilliant construction, and construction has been completed on 54 projects. this is a chart that compares the forecasted costs of the program in blue to the approved projects for the program, shown in red. for the last four reporting quarters, we're trending well below the approved program budget. as a matter of fact, we currently have $144.5 million in extra savings placed in reserve. i want to take the apportionment
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before talk about the release of reserved to tell you photos of the work taking place in the field. in recent months, we have reached substantial completions on multiple regional projects, and every time we complete works like this, we increase the reliability of our water system. the last project in the city to go into construction is the sutro reservoir. we opened bids last week. construction on that project should begin this summer and continue through mid-2015. ground conditions on the irvington tunnel have been extremely challenging, but we have made very good progress. we're now more than a mile into the excavation of the contract of the tunnel, which is about a third of the total length of the new tunnel. we started construction on the calaveras dam in the fall, and
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we're doing a lot of work -- supervisor avalos: a quick question. said the ground conditions have been challenging on irvington. what is that? >> ground water intrusion as well as crumbling tight conditions. we need to do a lot of shoring. as you move forward, the ground tends to want to crumble down. despite that, we're actually beating records in the last few weeks as far as the production rates. supervisor avalos: thank you. >> calaveras dam, work started last fall. right now, we're focusing on the disposal areas and rose in anticipation of the very massive earthworks that will take place in the following months. the beta tunnel is another project where we're making
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great progress. a tunnel shoring machine is under debate. we're telling approximately one- third feet a day, and we're 40% complete on those very large progress. the year retracement water treatment plant in san mateo county is getting a total face lift under the wsip. we have removed over 200,000 tons of soil from the site, and what you see here is a soil wall being built to accommodate the construction of a new large treated water reservoir. in order for us to move forward on two key aspects of the wsip, we are requesting today the release of some funds that are currently on reserve with this committee. we created a bio-regional habitat restoration program to address some of the environmental impacts on the program. so far, the board has
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appropriated $90 million for this program and $41.7 million of the appropriations were placed on reserve. we're asking today for the release of $41.1 million of those funds that are in reserves. i think the budget analyst report did a very good job documenting the justification for that request. we're also asking for the release of $670,000 from the program management reserves to be reallocated to the tesla treatment facility project, a project where we reached substantial completion of construction in mid-2011, and we are currently in a one-year commissioning period for the project. again, the budget analyst report provides a good justification. i would be happy to answer any questions on today's request. we would like to thank the budget analyst for the their review of requests.
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we agree with their recommendations. supervisor chu: thank you for the presentation. mr. rose. >> madam chair, members of the committee, as shown on page 5 of our report, regarding the tesla project, the department, as shown in table four, the department has a need of $678,950, which is actually 8000 hundred $52 more than the request that the department reports that they can observe that within the tesla water treatment facility project budget. with respect to the other project, the bio-regional habitat restoration program budget, that is a budget that was submitted as $568,694, less than the amount requested of $41,659,458.
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therefore, we recommend that you approve the release of 41 million -- 41,090,007 and $64. for the bio-regional habitat restoration program project and reallocate the difference to the water system improvement program reserve. further, we recommend that you approve the release of $670,000 for the tesla water treatment facility project. supervisor chu: thank you. let's open these items up for public comment. are there members of the public who wish to speak on items number six or seven? >> supervisors, some of us, including myself, have attended all the important meetings linked to the water system
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improvement project. as you can see from this presentation, some of the benchmarks have been achieved, and there are moneys out there where our community, especially communities here in san francisco, can benefit. now the details of how we can benefit, presentations have not been given to the board of supervisors. but in this dire economic time, some of us have presented some projects to the manager of the san francisco public utilities commission, and i guess it is would then his purview to filter that down -- would then his party to filter that down so that our community can at least towards the tail end of this project benefit from what has
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been accomplished up till now. so again and again, this is a very large project. if i am not mistaken, $4.2 million, and $2.4 million was contributed by the city and county of san francisco. and when we have such large projects, whether it is the water system member but project or the source system improvement projects that is coming, we have to pay attention to our constituents. thank you very much. supervisor chu: thank you. next speaker. ♪ >> it's gotta be a budget morning if we can hold out through the water night why don't we crossed this bridge together?
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and we will escaped the budget we will not be searching for money anymore it is not too late and not while we are water living let's put our hands out and take a dive it is not too late we should be water thriving alleged take a water water ride it is gonna be a water morning budget budget morning budget morning or water morning gonna fitial water budget morning it's gonna be a budget morning water morning ♪ supervisor chu: thank you. are there other members of the public who wish to speak? saying none, public comment is closed. colleagues? supervisor avalos: motion to --
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we want to continue the first item to the call of chair. motion to release the reserve. supervisor chu: ok. so we have a motion to continue item 62 the call of the chair. item seven, accepted the budget analyst recommendation in a to release the reserves according to that. we can do that without objection. thank you very much. do we have any other items before us? >> that completes the morning agenda. supervisor chu: ok, we are adjourned. thank you.
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>> good morning, everybody. i am the manager -- we will kick it off first with a message from our cities librarian. the director of the san francisco library system. [applause] >> thank you. this is fantastic. good morning to everybody. i am a little jealous. i said, this is not my house. it is your house. welcome to all of you. this is indeed your house. i am a little jealous because i did those of green t-shirts. -- dig those green t-shirt.
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we are proud to be part of youth advocacy day. that is where it begins. congratulations to each and every one of you for being here. i cannot say enough about our great librarians. we need your feedback. today is going to be one of those great opportunities to tell us all about what you need and what makes this city a great. have a fantastic day. it is my pleasure to be hosting you. [applause] thank you. >> good morning, everyone. i am so happy to welcome you guys to the third annual youth advocacy day in san francisco.
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[applause] i know that we have lots of young people in the audience today. i will ask people to raise your hands and make some noise. right on. how about lincoln? is mission in the house? yes! as i was walking over, i realized we missed the school. [applause] right on. i am so happy that you guys made it through the rain. you got here on time.
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so ready to inform all the public officials about what you think needs to happen in the city. a little bit about our department. dcyf funds a whole bunch of programs in the city. we believe that young people's voice is the most important to guide our program development and to lead or this city. as you go through your programs today and learn all about the inner workings of the city and when your meeting with those public officials, make sure you explain to them that not only do you care about education, about transportation, about safety, and about jobs, but that you also have really great ideas to share with them. when you finish today, i expect you to come back with some great reports about all the things we
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will change to make your lives and the lives of your siblings and friends and families better. another thing i want to make sure you know, if you like what you were doing today, please connect with some of the young advisers and dcyf staff because we have a number of opportunities for young people to share your voice. we have yet advocacy council -- youth advocacy counsel. are there youth warriors in the room? right on. yay! ok, i want to introduce today
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the most important person in the room today. are very -- our very youth from late mayor of san francisco -- youth-friendly mayor of san francisco. [applause] >> good morning. is that how you say good morning? good morning! welcome to your house. it is my pleasure to meet you this morning and to talk with you about what we are doing. some of you i met last year for the first time. i had a chance to explain what i was trying to do as the interim mayor. remember that? right now, you are looking at
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somebody who has gone through his first public election for the very first time. i think i told to the last time i ran for public office was i was your age. i ran for senior class president. in high school. i never ran for public office before. just last year, i ran for being your mayor in san francisco. i remember that your progress, you voted me as your mayor. thank you for helping out. [applause] i want to thank dcyf and our school district. libraries have been the center for a lot of their communities. this library was built precisely for your kind of involvement.
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thank you for coming from all the different high schools. most of this morning will be for you -- for me to answer your questions about what we are doing. i want to let you know what has been happening in my first term as your mayor. what has been going on in the mayor's office. have by become a professional politician? or am i still be ed lee you thought i would be? i know those schools a little better, but i know balboa, washington, and mission pretty well, too. i did something a little different when i was working in government. when i was working at public works, i ended up having to clean all the city.
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the way we did it when it came to the schools was we talked to your principles and tried to get you involved. during those years, we got the saturday clean it teams, where a lot of your cohorts are getting credit for working with us. they are planting trees, like getting the environment going. i hate going to other schools. when the school is well kept, clean, when the neighbors feel that the students are in and out of the school and respecting everybody's right to have a nice place to go to, you feel a lot better. we did that with you as students, with your principals, and many of your teachers. you got credit for it as well.


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